• Hardwell On Air 465

    Make sure to tune in to #HOA465, I will play 'Together' and 'Test Track' coming out soon on Revealed!

  • How to get started in producing your own music

    Thomann has released a brand new video and audio podcast series, which hopes to delve into many different areas of the music industry

  • Podcasting 101: Get Your DJ Podcast Onto iTunes

    Many DJs think they need to be a celebrity, have a label, or major backing to get their music onto iTunes. Not so! Even though some people find out how to get their music, mixes, songs, videos, into an iTunes listing, many of them have no idea how to maintain it. In this first tutorial on the basics of podcasting for DJs, we'll show you how to create a podcast feed and be able to update it anytime you want, for free and with no coding necessary! It's all after the jump.

  • Pricing Table

    • 4
    • Youre not mixing
    • Yea right!
    • Everyone's and artist
    • More than you got!
    • Mange your own
    • You dont have one
    • You dont have one
    • You dont have one


    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do i stream to your server?

    We will provide all the apps / programs to you.

    Is my music protected?

    Yes. We keep a backup of the back-up. And any audio you have created is safe-guarded OFF of our server. It does not exist in the same server as our website.

    How long can i stream for?

    We like a good solid 2 hour show but if you can only do it for 1 hour at a time, thats fine. You are allowed to do it ONCE a week.

    Do you play commercials over my music?

    No! We dont even play commercials over our own music.

    Amy other questions, please use the Dj Support Group.
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    May brought us top quality tracks from BOg, Robert Babicz, Alex Kaspersky, Russian Linesman, and more.