• Be our DJ for New Years Eve (You have 7 days)

    So I decided to throw a last minute contest. With clubs closed and parties being locked down. Having a house party is one thing. That'll get you your close friends and neighboors. But what about inviting people who cant cross borders or the ocean?

  • iPhone and Android: We love ya both

    Lets get this straight. Weather you have an iPhone OR an Android, we do not discriminate. Our streams are available on both.

  • New Releases December 2020 (Future House)

    And just like that, the end of the year is just about to creep up on us. But we couldn't let it get away without a little caption of some of the new music we received this week. Take a look at these Future House (mostly) tracks that hit our system. 

  • Podcasting 101: Get Your DJ Podcast Onto iTunes

    Many DJs think they need to be a celebrity, have a label, or major backing to get their music onto iTunes. Not so! Even though some people find out how to get their music, mixes, songs, videos, into an iTunes listing, many of them have no idea how to maintain it. In this first tutorial on the basics of podcasting for DJs, we'll show you how to create a podcast feed and be able to update it anytime you want, for free and with no coding necessary! It's all after the jump.

  • The Hardfloor - 090 Vocal Trance Power

    Back from a long overdue vacation and plenty of sight seeing around the southwest, Dj Liqid Returns to the studio