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Tell me u don't want one. Found in our shop

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Do you mix on Headphones or Monitors?

Ive had this discussion with dozens of djs and its always the same. Each one uses Monitors. Infact each one has told me they cant mix otherwise [headphones]. So i did up an article regarding this here. (Should I mix on headphones or speakers) and I want to hear from the rest of you. Whats your take?

The Dj Support Group

Just a heads up. We installed our Webcam enabled Chatroom. Djs looking to stream their sets via audio and video how have an added bonus.

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Can you get my Podcast on iTunes?

The answer is YES! We have a way of getting your Podcast episodes into iTunes almost instantly. And they will stay there as long as you are with us. Feel free to ask any additional questions in this group. Just create a new topic / discussion about it.

The Dj Support Group
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We recently wrote an article on this topic. You can find it here Feel free to use this group to discuss different aspects of it and ask questions on how to get to your goal. Baiscally, this is the "How the hell do i do it?" group discussion lol

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