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Dj / Production Tech Tips and Tricks
Reverb — an abbreviation for "reverberation" — is the reflected sound that bounces back to your ears from surfaces in your environment. It's what give...
Dj / Production Tech Tips and Tricks
Compression is a topic that is often discussed at length by producers and engineers. We talk about our favorite compressors, popular techniques, and t...
Dj / Production Tech Tips and Tricks
 Those with an appetite for sonic destruction can choose from two options  Denise audio has expanded its plugin roster with two new bit...
Groove House
 Senate Unanimously Passes Resolution Designating November As 'Hip-Hop History Month'  Fans of hip-hop stand up! On Monday (August 2), the U...
Dj / Production Tech Tips and Tricks
 You might have seen previous articles listing common compression mistakes and EQ mistakes. What's next? We're exploring some of the most common ...
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