Solarstone - Pure Trance Radio Podcast 252

It’s a huge show this week with new music from Forerunners, Grazze, Robert Nickson, Craig Connelly, Peter Steele, James Dymond, Peetu S and loads more including a brilliant Solarstone pure mix in this week’s #BigTune.

Progressive Selection:
1. A.M.R - Fireflies [Silk Music]
2. Forerunners - Stream of Consciousness [Pure Progressive]
3. Grazze - Away [UV]
4. Kandar - My Life Rules [Droid9]
5. Rick Pier O'Neil — Mul (Jeremy Rowlett Remix) [Forescape Digital]
6. Dreams & D.N.A - Frequency Modulated Universe [Pure Trance]

Big Tune:
7. Markus Schulz & Adina bitar - In Search of Sunrise (Solarstone Pure Mix) [Cold Harbour]

Uplifting Selection:
8. Mhammed el Alami & Cathy Burton - Never Fade Away [Amsterdam Trance]
9. Robert Nickson - Tilslørte Bondepiker [Pure Trance Neon]
10. James Dymond & Sam Laxton - Outbound [FSOE]
11. Craig Connelly & Peter Steele - The Fire [Subculture]

Oh Yeah:
12. Peetu S - Infected Sector [Outburst Records]

Chillout Moment:
13. A.M.R - A Place For Everything [Silk Music]

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