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Antifmradio Discussion started by Antifmradio 9 month ago

Back in December I purchased a Numark Scratch mixer and Phase DJ to use with the 1200s I've had for years. In the few years before buying the Scratch I'd been using the SX2, but I was really missing the feel of my 1200s. The Scratch is a nice mixer, but I'm bumping up against its limitations and debating how to upgrade. I'm considering the Rane 70, Rane 72, Reloop Elite, or just adding the DDJ-XP2 to my current setup.

I'm really curious about people's experiences with the DDJ-XP2. It looks like a lot of bang for the buck. For folks that are using it, does anything stand out for you? Any major annoyances?

I'm also interested in any thoughts on switching to a new mixer instead of adding a DDJ-XP2.