Antifmradio's New look. Who dis? Djs upload your mixes & get listed in iTunes

Dont be an angry dj Dont be an angry dj. Joiin Antifmradio

This has been a really interesting year for Antifmradio. With so much "nothing to do", I decided to take a good amount of time and really dig into all the needed changes that needed to be made. Like allowing Djs to upload their music again, but that's only the tip of what's happened.

So with that, we have a New Look for Antifmradio. Recently there has been a few websites, that have fallen apart, where djs host their mixes. Music lost, profiles inaccessible, and the years of work they put into their "portfolio" completely vanished. But what did you [DJs} actually get from the website? A profile page with your music on it.....annnnnnnnd that's all? Where's the rest? Where is the FB promotion? What about adding your mixes to iTunes, Stitcher, TuneIn as YOUR OWN PODCAST? Those 3 platforms combined have over 800 million users, so why shouldn't you be on there? Maybe you dont know how to do it. That's ok, because Antifmradio does. And ill personally work with you to place your content in there. But there's more....

Having your mixes on your profile means you need to get people TO your profile. What about if people were just idly listening to a radio station and your mixes came up to play? Yeah we do that too. And italways comes back to what we needed to do. New Look for Antifmradio?

Facebook & Twitch keep muting or deleting your audio? Ok, we've got you covered there too. We can set you up to live stream (audio and or video) to our server for everyone to hear and see. just make sure to wear something nice. No one wants to watch you play in your boxers and flip-flops.

And what about building a following? You can create your own groups, galleries, pages, and even have people create a playlist out of your mixes so they can take it on the go-- Just like a Spotify playlist.
All this and more is available in the new look and redesign at Antifmradio for Djs.

Ok obviously there is a LOT to see and do around here for djs so, I think it's time you joined.

If you would like to follow the project and see how it unfolds, or take part in the discussion of it all, go ahead and reply below. You can see details about the project on this page:

DJS Upload Your Mixes - The 2021 Project

No commercials / No Ads, ever.

Tune in Everywhere at Anytime on Any Device

The APP has a new look to match the updates in the website. Streaming at higher quality and lets you access more of the site while you are away.

Djs get Angry when you lose their things.

That other website lost your mixes?

Honestly I don't understand how that is even possible. Besides, all you really were getting was a profile page with your mixes on it? That's it?

Ok, It's time you got something better:
Mix hosting, ur music available in major podcast platforms (iTunes, Stitcher, TuneIn), Streaming Radio Play, Live Audio shows, Live Video Shows, and more...... Check the details

News & Downloads

This news portal looks slick

Many features of the site were updated but dont worry. "We dont lose information around here." (cough cough) The new blog area is working great and its designed to show off our featured downloads, supplied by the DJs who UPLOAD. See how that works? The Blog

Eli & Fur 'Found In The Wild' Album Teaser

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