We're going to show you how to create a rumbling sub bass using a percussive source sound...

Step 1: 
Start with any basic four-to-the-floor drum loop from a sample pack. Ensure that the loop’s kick and percussive elements feature sufficient low frequencies, as this bass content can be boosted and shaped at a later stage.

Step 2: 
Transform the loop’s clean timbre into something gnarlier by applying distortion, ring modulation and/or frequency shifting. We’re using auto-panning set to an uber-fast audio rate. Don’t worry too much about specific settings for now – you can come back and tweak later.


Step 3: 
If the loop needs more weight, tune it down using your DAW’s audio editing features or a pitch-shifting plugin. We’re using a real-time shifter to ramp down the loop’s pitch and time in tandem over every beat, turntable-style. 

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