Feed Me's original alias is back with a brand new drum & bass offering. Feed Me diehards plead for new music from the mastermind's original alias, Spor, more than YouTube commenters recommend that drum & bass tracks be featured in the latest Need For Speed game. Well, the day of new Spor music has finally dawned, to the delight of all. 

The Anachronic EP is the first offering from Feed Me's Spor alias since 2018's "Pull The Sun Down." Fans will be elated to hear the new six-track release, which spans many different drum & bass subgenres in classic Spor fashion. 

Spor's signature, glitched-out, and detailed sound is omnipresent throughout the entirety of Anachronic, with punchy and relentless drums and gritty reese bass lining every track featured. Heavier selections include the record's titular track, the high-energy "Beam Cannon," and "Cohesion," which boasts the complexity and intricacy of some of neurofunk's finest releases to date. 

More low-key and atmospheric flavors take center stage on the EP opener "In Rixa" and the rhythmic "Your Mind Is Like This Water," taking the listener deeper with eerie soundscapes and earning themselves the esteemed "roller" status. Closing track "Count My Blessings" is a more upfront and dance-floor oriented track, not unlike some of Pendulum's noted vocal works, and features vocals from Spor himself, who delivers an emotive and powerful performance. 

An all-around treat for fans of drum & bass, the Spor faithful, and Feed Me fans alike, Anachronic is an exploration of the prolific producer's unique and unmistakable penchant for delivering some of the most forward-thinking and well-executed ideas in the world of electronic music. 

Though the question of, "When are we getting more Spor music?" will always remain, Anachronic should tide eager Spor fans over just fine until he decides to stun his listeners once again. 

Anachronic is out now via Sotto Voce Records and available Here


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