iPhone and Android: We love ya both

Lets get this straight. Weather you have an iPhone OR an Android, we do not discriminate. Our streams are available on both.

Recently I got a message from someone saying they couldn't find the link to tune in on their iPhone. Well technically they were right. The link wasn't specified and by that I mean I didn't make an image of a pretty little iPhone logo that says CLICK HERE with huge banner, flashing lights, and a video tutorial on how to use their finger, or mouse, or the hand of their bestie who can do it for them.

Let's face it. Sometimes iPhone users need a bit more help, right?

But that's ok. I took it as a small challenge and went with it.

Recently Antifmradio.com has been updated. And I mean with a MAJOR overhaul. I mean just look around this place! Its looking massive once again, but one thing remains. The stream has never stopped and you can always get it right near the top of EVERY page. On a techy - nerdie note, "Chrome" updated itself in December 2019, and with that it no longer likes regular HTTP websites. It also wont allow music streams to come directly from the page. So, I decided it was time to spruce things up a bit and direct everyone to using our app.

While you can get the Android app by going to www.antifmradio.com/android and downloading it from the GooglePlay Store,

iPhone users dont need to download anything. Just go to www.antifmradio.com/iphone and the Browser within iPhone will start playing the stream automatically.

We did this because all too often we hear people having differing problems to get into the Apple Store.
How about we skip that all together. ~"You're welcome."

Ok Ok we know. Why bother trying to remember all those links. You want to just point and click, and we got you there too.

This is a screenshot of an Antifmradio page top.
This is a screenshot of an Antifmradio page top.


Dude. If that doesn't make it easier for you, man I don't know what else to do here. There is literally a button for Android AND a button for iPhone. How nice we happened to be setting up this image the same time we were playing something from the Anjuna Deep Edition in our stream.

More Updates and info on the way peeps. Keep tuned in. We live for this music.

                                                   ~Dj Liqid Touch

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Antifmradio Hope we arent offending any of the iPhone users here 11 months ago
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