Oliver Heldens is a master of house music who divides his sonic creations between two identities: Oliver Heldens or his side alias, HI-LO. This time around, the producer’s latest arrives not under Heldens’ name, but rather under his HI-LO moniker.

The new output from Heldens’ HI-LO moniker is a cinematic and mystery-laced house release titled “Zeus.” The darkly-veiled track has industrial leaning builds that take minutes to envelope the listener before HI-LO heightens the bpm. Upticks rife with energy and monstrous synths layer over the building house notes, giving the release an intense and otherworldly feel.

“Zeus” follows Heldens’ official remix of Katy Perry‘s “Daisies,” distributed under his own name. “Zeus” is out now via Mau5trap.



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