Love Regenerator - Peace Love Happiness

Taking a break from pumping out chart-topping radio singles, Calvin Harris is back under a new moniker: Love Regenerator. Though not garnering tons of attention, this is the third EP he has released on this new techno side project. As he always does, 


Harris delivers fresh tunes on each EP, showcasing his mastery of dance music, his newest conquest being club oriented techno. From the man who "created disco," this one has got some serious old school vibes, with a fresh, acid melody and groovy bassline. If you want an even trippier experience, there is also an acid reprise of this song. I particularly liked the long buildup, complete with filter sweeps that build tons of tension. Harris also utilizes tons of unique percussion to keep everything grooving and sounding fresh, so be on the lookout for those drum hits. Undefined by genre, Harris blends house and techno seamlessly on this track, creating what can only be known as a banger. Funky, groovy, whatever you want to call it, this track is sure to make you dance. And if there is anything that we could all use right now, it's a tune to get down to and remind us that peace, love, and happiness is all we really need. Boy do I miss the clubs.


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