Hi guys, From platinum-selling artists to the local DJ, the majority of the world’s full and part-time DJs are currently unemployed. This is probably the most devastating period in the lives of most career DJs. It might sound crazy, but everything is going to be okay. Keeping a cool, calm head during a crisis is one of the best ways to make smart decisions for yourself and your loved ones.

That said, we may be in for a hard few months when it comes to our finances. Numerous businesses may close. There’s no telling what our local nightlife scenes will look like after this is all over. When clubs do reopen, you can come back stronger, more skilled, and better organized than ever before.

In the end, it’s up to you whether or not you will use this as an opportunity to make yourself better. 

Choose wisely, think positive and stay safe, my friends!

Following the cancellation of the MMW, I went to Brazil where I am now blocked for 5 months. I used all this free time to go back to the studio where I produced, in collaboration with 2 Brazilian artists, a tropical house song with a magnificent vocal who will get you hooked.

 "Desejo e prazer" is available in all the platforms! Listen Here

If you want to escape a little bit from this boring quarantine period, watch the videoclip 🌞🌴🇧🇷

Like almost every DJ during this difficult period of health crisis, I did a live set at home. So as not to be just "one more live set", i tried to do something different from other artists,and I've decided to break the World Record of the longest DJ live set, and I DID IT !!!  I played a set of 51 hours non-stop.

Like everyone else, I miss djing and partying. Let's do a little jump back to the 2019 season, to my weekly residence at Heart Ibiza


I can't describe how amazing it was to play every week for Electrico Romantico in one of the best club in Ibiza: Heart Ibiza (club under guidance of Cirque Du Soleil). It has been a pleasure to be part of this brand new project of BOB SINCLAR, which has undoubtedly become, in his first year, the unmissable rendez-vous on Mondays in Ibiza! WATCH THE VIDEO ! Remebering is living...

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