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Well, it looks like dance music is looking at another year of playing soundtrack to your living room. The virus is ravaging the planet while we wait at home patiently listening to our favorite artists sacrifice their valuable time to produce great dance music to entertain our ears. Andre Lodemann is right on top in January if you ask me.

I used to follow Richard Vision on almost everything he did back in the day. So, yea, I stopped a bit but hey, I was busy. Glad to see he's still doing his thing. Let's get lined up for his Power Tools Mix Show with Richard Vision, Swedish Egil  A few special guests in the mix and man oh man, It's a Dj City Takeover with special guest mixes a from Kidd Spin, Eddie Boy, and Kwest alongside Swedish Egil and Richard Vission. 

So I decided to throw a last minute contest. With clubs closed and parties being locked down. Having a house party is one thing. That'll get you your close friends and neighboors. But what about inviting people who cant cross borders or the ocean?

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