Antifmradio's New look. Who dis?

This has been a really interesting year. With so much "nothing to do", I decided to take a good amou...

Twitch DJs have been live streaming, here's why they aren't safe

© has been streaming for 15 without getting a copyright ban or notice. In fact the 16th year anniversary is coming up mid-June 2021 and for years, I've been telling DJs to stop using these new websites to stream / host their live mixes, but you still wont listen. Now even the biggest website on the planet [TWITCH] is getting hit with DMCA claims by the thousands, and the bottom line is, if you've been using TWITCH to live stream as a dj, you still aren't safe and here's why:

How to make your bass dominate your mix

Use this Drum and Bass production trick to increase or augment the perception of power in your BASS. DnB producers such as Noisia and DLR are experts at increasing bass perception through clever mix interactions. Here’s a simple, effective way to replicate the effect.