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What We Offer

Djs should get MORE than just a profile page

Mix Hosting

Your mixes hosted
In our servers 24/7
and always available.

On Demand

Streaming on any device.
Anytime / Anywhere

Live Audio

Live Stream Audio
from your Bar / Club / Bedroom
to our server.

Live Video

Live Stream Video
from your Bar / Club / Bedroom
to our server.


Put your mixes on
iTunes, Stitcher, and TuneIn.
A podcast just for you.

Radio Play

Let your music play
automatically to the
1,000s or people already tuned in.

Build a following

More than a profile
Manage your own
Groups, Feeds, Galleries, & Events
...and invite people.
We actually offer a lot more but this list is getting long.....don't ya think?...
We display your mixes with its info.
Album artwork, a link to your profile, where to buy / download it, and if you click the info button,
you'll be able to use the "Request" feature and read info from the artist.

The Idea

Dj should get more than just a profile page.

Many sites offer djs someplace to host their music, but what about the things they need? For example:

  • Their mixes in REAL Podcast stores like iTunes, Stitcher, & TuneIn, where it's availble to millions. Itunes reports 800m and Stitcher reports 75m users.
  • A true way to build a following. Manage your own Groups & its users, along with who can upload images and create events / galleries.
  • Automaticlly playing their music. Antifmradio is built on the foundation of a Radio Station. Your music in our streaming server means, it plays directly to them, so you dont need to try and GET them to go to just your profile.
  • Live Video and /or Live Audio streaming to a captive room. A captive rooms means our chatroom. The people go in there to hang out, and the stream is already playing inside the room. You can link up and do a video feed or, if you're not so pretty for the camera, you can do Audio only, and communicate LIVE with the people tuned in.
You can click There's more. Yes, MUCH MORE!

Our Community

A community focused on DJs and Music

Our built-in version of a Facebook style of the website is a wonderful thing. Many other parts of the website link to it and you can do EVERYTHING you need to from this space. You can use it to turn your own profile into a full-fledged social network, or in this case, a DJ NETWORK.
  • Create groups, galleries, events.
  • Upload music directly from your profile.
  • Add an APP to your profile that shows all your mixes.
  • Slide into someone's DM's
  • Your own Avtivity Stream / News Feed
  • Comment on someones posts, newsfeed, photos, or anything they create.
  • "LIKE" almost anything.
  • Create your own "PAGES" for your business or interests.
Be a true "content creator" and watch people follow you.

Antifmradio Community

The Angry DJ

We Back You Up 3x

The other website lost your mixes?

"Im not gonna lie. I just dont see how that's possible. If they claim to "host your mixes" then, where are they?"
There is nothing that makes a DJ more angry than a complete lost of just one of his    mixes, let alone almost ALL the music they have provided to a mix host.

Rest assured, you need to trust that keeps their back-ups, backed-    up, on a back-up. After you upload your work to our server, its copied to a cloud storage, and every day, its backed up to an offline location.

Since 2009, we have NEVER lost ANYONES music. Some of it is still playing on our streaming radio station just because its that good.

As DjS, we have a lot to deal with. Cataloging our music is one thing but attemtping to keep a good record of our mixes. That can get messy and bloated.
Again, has you covered on that. Your audio is backed up into 3 locations and can be served to any anytime, 24-7 at request.

The only mixes we dont keep, are the ones you tell us to delete.


You ever been played?

Everyone creates a playlist?

Not only you but ALL members of can create a PLAYLIST of their favorite music, including YOUR mixes. They can save the playlist and pick up on it anytime they want from anywhere,

On -- The -- Go

Playlists can be shared between members or just searched in the PLAYLISTS area of the site. It's like having a radio station of JUST your stuff.

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There is A LOT we can tell you about what you GET for being an Dj and what the website has to offer but if you are unsure, go ahead and take a look around for a while, then come back to this page any time.

But if you are ready now, like right now for real, fo real, then click the button below, and get started.
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