Who we are.

Antifmradio is a 24-7 broadcasting radio station, built by a lunatic dj. Spawned off the emergency idea that he could help his fellow djs because [we] were all once on someone elses radio station....but one day, we all went to check in on the website and it apparently went bust. Shortly after that, Dj Liqid Touch envisioned a platform for djs to use as an online portfolio of their own works..


Different because

Antifmradio is focused on a small group of interactive djs instead of a massive catalog of anyone who CAN dj.


Bells and Whistles

Everyone else just gives you airtime, while Antifmradio offers its djs, actual marketable qualities Seen Here.


The Take Off

We actually stated in 2000, developing ideas and our tech, but didnt release until 2006.


Dj Liqid Touch started this website to build a platform for djs to use as an online portfolio. They needed help getting their name out there. It was one because no one helped Liqid get his name out. And to have promoters + advertisers charge hundreds weekly for unreliable outcomes was even worse. The design of this platform is as such that the more you put into it, the more you live here at the Antifmradio website, and the more content you help provide to it, the more that people will know who you are. Antifmradio is solely in the busienss of promoting its own existance and naturally your information would go along with it. The more you do, the more we do, and the more we get in return together.

~Eric Robinson (Dj Liqid Touch)


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