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Wed Sep 24 @ 3:00PM - Armin van Buuren - A State of Trance
Thu Sep 25 @12:00PM - Hardwell - On Air
Fri Sep 26 @ 6:00PM - Max Graham - Cycles Radio
Sun Sep 28 @ 4:00PM - The Hard Floor with dj Liqid Touch
Mon Sep 29 @ 1:00PM - Stereo Productions - Chus & Ceballos

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  • Afrojack Q&A

    Forget the World,' Producing, and Performing Tips NO ONE could have seen coming the present state of electronic dance music (EDM), especially not a young Nick “Afrojack” van de Wall, who says he once made the decision to become a broke musician rather than a banker. Since then, EDM has blown up, perhaps replacing hip-hop as the minter of young multimillionaires. Forbes magazine has ranked the top earners in EDM, and the plump figures from 2012 to 2013 just about doubled, with Calvin Harris sitting pretty at the top with $46 million for 2013. EDM has even been dubbed the savior of Las Vegas following the 2008 crash. Club after posh club now enter bidding wars to secure annual contracts with top DJ talent to fill 3,000-person venues backed by technological wonders of LED screens and light shows.   At the center of this maelstrom stands 26-year-old Dutch DJ and producer Afrojack. A top-10 standard on both the DJ Mag Top 100 DJs and Forbes Electronic Cash Kings money lists, Afrojack taxes his private, logo-emblazoned “Afrojet” to the extreme, bouncing from top club to epic f ...

  • Electric Zoo - Come To Life Campain (Vid)

    Electric Zoo Launches “Come To Life” Campaign Encouraging the Safe and Smart Enjoyment of Music, Lights and Crowds Emmy Award-winning Creator of TV Series “Dexter,” James Manos, Jr., Writes and Directs Video Short Created To Discourage Drug Use Made Event, the promoters of electronic dance music (EDM) concerts, including one of the world’s most popular three-day EDM festivals, Electric Zoo, today announced the launch of its “Come To Life” communications micro-campaign. The campaign encourages attendees to organically enjoy the amazing sensations produced by one-of-a-kind light shows, the best electronic dance music and the incredible energy of the crowds.   At the heart of the campaign is the message that concertgoers don’t need to do drugs—particularly MDMA, often referred to as Molly or Ecstasy—to enjoy the festival.  The campaign is intended to make fans think about the potential negative consequences of “dropping” Molly and to avoid those risks.   “Our message to concertgoers is simple: The Electric Zoo experience is exceptional and worth being present for,” ...

  • How the EDM bubble will Burst!

      Very soon, EDM will be a victim of its own popularity. If that sounds like a bold statement, it is. It’s also very realistic. EDM (yes, EDM, not “dance music” or “electronic”) has undergone a dramatic rise in popularity. In the future, we might credit the Internet’s penchant for rapidly spreading information for the meteoric rise in EDM listeners worldwide. Regardless, this growth is completely unsustainable, and now we have a severely inflated bubble that is bound to pop. The truly sad part is we are all to blame. Whether purposely or inadvertently, we have created a culture in EDM whereby it is no longer about the music. Our culture is now about fame, stardom and name recognition. The days of a nameless, faceless master of ceremonies taking the decks, reading the crowd and delivering the exact track and set their expert musical diagnosis demands...are over. Many in the industry are quick to blame the fans. I blame them the least of all. First and foremost, I blame the agents who create a frenzy of demand only to increase booking prices accordingly. For those that are ...

  • Interview with EXAMPLE on his new album "Live Life Living"

    After picking up platinum status with his album Playing in the Shadows and two gold albums, The Evolution of Man and Won’t Go Quietly, British singer Example (Elliot Gleave) has just released his fifth album called Live Life Living. In addition to his impressive chart positions, Example has also worked with some of the biggest artists in the industry including Calvin Harris, Nero, Feed Me, Flux Pavilion and Skream. I caught up with Elliot to ask about his new album, what it was like to collaborate with so many producers, and see what’s next from him.   Congratulations on your 5th album, Live Life Living! Your single off the album, “One More Day (Stay with Me),” entered the UK Singles Chart at number 4. How does it feel to have a track in the top 5 position since “Say Nothing” in 2012? To be honest the chart positions are not as important to me as I thought they would be. Back when I had two no.1s in a row in 2011, it was a exciting for me. With more experience you realise that it’s not about the chart necessaril ...

  • Hardwell "Revealed Volume 5" Released!

    For the fifth time already, Hardwell delves himself into his studio for a new release in the successful series 'Hardwell presents Revealed'. Volume 5 is a reflection of his live sets this summer and once again makes clear why the renowned British magazine DJ Mag has named him the # 1 DJ in the world. This new mix album is full of top artists, exclusive and unreleased material and of course the biggest hits of tomorrow. The past year has been a rollercoaster ride for Hardwell. He made his childhood dream to become the number # 1 DJ in the world true and started his 'I Am Hardwell' world tour. The documentary 'I Am Hardwell' was also premiered worldwide, and he played on all the big festivals of the world, such as Dance Valley , Tommorrowland and Ultra Music Festival.This release will undoubtedly be an even bigger success as the previous volumes. Last year Volume 4 entered the Compilation Top 30 charts at #1 on the day of release and stayed in the charts for more than 37 weeks. Hardwell presents Revealed Volume 5' is in stores on June 20th! Specification Format: CD Release date: Fri ...

  • Avicii Announces All-Star List Of Collaborators On His Next LP

    With a massive set of achievements already under his belt, Avicii is set to release yet another album later this year but this time, he has announced exactly WHO is going to collaborate this album with him studio. Jon Bon Jovi, Wyclef Jean, Chris Martin (Coldplay), Billie Joe Armstrong (Green Day) and Serj Tankian (System Of A Down) are a few names on the list. Lately Avicii "Tim Bergling", has shown his skill and technique by producing EDM that has influences and elements from genres well outside the EDM spectrum, for example country music. We saw this come about with last years release of "True" "Wake Me Up, and "Hey Brother" These tracks gained millions of sales world wide despite the raised brows when first heard by the same people who later kept requesting the track in clubs, Pandora, and even via Beatport purchases. Looking for perfection in this release, Avicii is getting plenty of helping hands from Coldplay's frontman "Chris Martin"He tells Rolling Stone Magazine the release is set to have around 70 songs, and be VERY "Song Orientated" in the way of melodies and vocals. Ar ...

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Max Graham - Cycles Radio

Max Graham - Cycles Radio

Max Graham presents Cycles Radio Fridays 6-8pm est

Chus & Ceballos Presents Stereo Productions

Chus & Ceballos Presents Stereo Productions

Chus & Ceballos presents Stereo Productions, From Deep House to Techno, Drums always present.
Mondays @ 1pm - 2pm (est)

The Hardfloor

The Hardfloor

Re-Start Your Weekend with Dj Liqid Touch and The Hardfloor Live. A weekly Radio show full of EPIC / Bigroom / Powerful vocal house, electro, and vocal trance tunes.

Sundays 4pm - 6pm est

Dimitry Vegas and Like Mike - Smash The House

Dimitry Vegas and Like Mike - Smash The House

Destroying the house just isnt enough. These two need to SMASH THE HOUSE

Mondays 2:30pm - 3:30pm

Armin van Buuren - A State Of Trance

Armin van Buuren - A State Of Trance

The Best in Today's Progressive House and Trance Vocals

Wednesdays 3pm - 5pm (est)

Hardwell - On Air

Hardwell - On Air

Hardwell - On Air
Thursdays 12pm - 1pm (est)

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