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Fri Aug 01 @ 8:00AM - DubVision (Visionary Radio) Live @ Tormorrowland
Fri Aug 01 @ 9:00AM - Dyro live from Tomorrowland (2nd weekend)
Fri Aug 01 @ 9:20AM - Dave Lambert live from Tomorrowland 2014
Fri Aug 01 @ 9:45AM - Jochen Miller - Tomorrowland 2014
Fri Aug 01 @10:05AM - Roger Sanchez - Tomorrowland 2004

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  • Interview with EXAMPLE on his new album "Live Life Living"

    After picking up platinum status with his album Playing in the Shadows and two gold albums, The Evolution of Man and Won’t Go Quietly, British singer Example (Elliot Gleave) has just released his fifth album called Live Life Living. In addition to his impressive chart positions, Example has also worked with some of the biggest artists in the industry including Calvin Harris, Nero, Feed Me, Flux Pavilion and Skream. I caught up with Elliot to ask about his new album, what it was like to collaborate with so many producers, and see what’s next from him.   Congratulations on your 5th album, Live Life Living! Your single off the album, “One More Day (Stay with Me),” entered the UK Singles Chart at number 4. How does it feel to have a track in the top 5 position since “Say Nothing” in 2012? To be honest the chart positions are not as important to me as I thought they would be. Back when I had two no.1s in a row in 2011, it was a exciting for me. With more experience you realise that it’s not about the chart necessaril ...

  • Hardwell "Revealed Volume 5" Released!

    For the fifth time already, Hardwell delves himself into his studio for a new release in the successful series 'Hardwell presents Revealed'. Volume 5 is a reflection of his live sets this summer and once again makes clear why the renowned British magazine DJ Mag has named him the # 1 DJ in the world. This new mix album is full of top artists, exclusive and unreleased material and of course the biggest hits of tomorrow. The past year has been a rollercoaster ride for Hardwell. He made his childhood dream to become the number # 1 DJ in the world true and started his 'I Am Hardwell' world tour. The documentary 'I Am Hardwell' was also premiered worldwide, and he played on all the big festivals of the world, such as Dance Valley , Tommorrowland and Ultra Music Festival.This release will undoubtedly be an even bigger success as the previous volumes. Last year Volume 4 entered the Compilation Top 30 charts at #1 on the day of release and stayed in the charts for more than 37 weeks. Hardwell presents Revealed Volume 5' is in stores on June 20th! Specification Format: CD Release date: Fri ...

  • Avicii Announces All-Star List Of Collaborators On His Next LP

    With a massive set of achievements already under his belt, Avicii is set to release yet another album later this year but this time, he has announced exactly WHO is going to collaborate this album with him studio. Jon Bon Jovi, Wyclef Jean, Chris Martin (Coldplay), Billie Joe Armstrong (Green Day) and Serj Tankian (System Of A Down) are a few names on the list. Lately Avicii "Tim Bergling", has shown his skill and technique by producing EDM that has influences and elements from genres well outside the EDM spectrum, for example country music. We saw this come about with last years release of "True" "Wake Me Up, and "Hey Brother" These tracks gained millions of sales world wide despite the raised brows when first heard by the same people who later kept requesting the track in clubs, Pandora, and even via Beatport purchases. Looking for perfection in this release, Avicii is getting plenty of helping hands from Coldplay's frontman "Chris Martin"He tells Rolling Stone Magazine the release is set to have around 70 songs, and be VERY "Song Orientated" in the way of melodies and vocals. Ar ...

  • Tomorrowland 2014 Downloads now avialble

    Tomorrow land 2014 weekend NUMBER 1 has just been under way. Did you know you can stream it on HuluPlus? Ok never mind that, you want the AUDIO and you want it in your car, cell, hand held, table, surface and computer right? So come and get it Go to Antifmradio.com now and click DOWNLOADS. Youll see the album cover for Tomorroland 2014.As the week rolls on and the sets are recorded, we will continue to add more so scroll to the bottom of that page and BOOKMARK IT to follow new espisodes also you can use those same icons to SHARE them around the web. Heres the direct link http://antifmradio.com/radio/downloads/L/55-tomorrowland/378-tomorrowland-2014 Now go get them     -------------------- ...

  • Man vs. Machine: Richie Hawtin on the Return of Plastikman

    No pomp or ceremony can be seen on the bustling streets of Barcelona. But within the half-shaved head of one of our times’ foremost electronic musicians, a changing of the guard is underway. Reclining on a leather sofa every bit as black as his clothing, Richie Hawtin may not look like a man divided. The Canadian artist is chipper and friendly, a far cry from the portrait of protracted seriousness he displayed during his spellbinding performance as Plastikman the previous night. Hawtin DJs under his eponymous moniker, serving upbeat techno and tech house rather than Plastikman’s brooding soundscapes. As an artist whose music is inextricable from identity, it’s no surprise that his persona has similarly shifted. “Well, the funny thing is that most people expect “Richie Hawtin” to be the real Richie Hawtin,” he says. “Of course it’s part of me, but I’ve learned how to be the performer I am onstage over the past 25 years, to interact, feel and party with the people. Everything you need to put on a great DJ performance. It's more of me now, but I was always more of an introverted ...

  • Harmonic Rush - The Dark Side of Persia (Ahmed Romel Remix)

    Release will be on June 23 on Beatport Exclusive. Full release information will come shortly but we needed to let you get a sample of this from ASOT 661 Coming at you fresh from Abora Recordings. LIKE EDGE EDM RECORDS on Facebook: www.facebook.com/EdgeEDM   ...

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