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Tue Jun 30 @ 6:00PM - Ivan Pica - Basic Music
Wed Jul 01 @ 3:00PM - Armin van Buuren - A State of Trance
Thu Jul 02 @12:00PM - Hardwell - On Air
Fri Jul 03 @12:00PM - Max Graham - Cycles Radio
Sun Jul 05 @ 4:00PM - The Hard Floor with dj Liqid Touch

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  • NY Times Has Skirllex in its pages

    It’s a bit humorous to consider Skrillex as a clue, since the median age of avid crossworders is — at least stereotypically — considerably older than the audience who are familiar with EDM culture. For instance, one frequent puzzler figured out it was Skrillex but spelled his name wrong. Since EDM has been maligned as something of a lowbrow subcategory of electronic music, it’s also deeply amusing to me that Skrillex’s name enter the highbrow realm of crossword puzzle clue. Somewhere, Diplo is calling his manager demanding he become a five letter electronic music magnate by next Sunday. ...

  • The Prodigy – The Day Is My Enemy

     “I’m not here to be sterilized,” exclaims Keith Flint during “Wall of Death”, the closing track from The Prodigy’s sixth studio album, The Day Is My Enemy. Relatively silent since the supporting tour for 2009’s Invaders Must Die wrapped a half-decade ago, this 14-track disc has been hyped as a call to arms to the new EDM landscape — which Liam Howlett harshly critiqued during an October 2014 interview with NME. Since ’09, producers have become coveted main stage headliners, a position that wouldn’t have been feasible without the groundbreaking work of The Prodigy and their 1990s big beat contemporaries. With that fascination, the push to please the ultra-VIPs and bottle-service crowd has hit a new plateau, but Flint, Howlett, and Maxim won’t be trading in those family jewels anytime soon to just stand behind the decks and cash in on mega-club paydays.   As noted by Flint, when the group first began laying out the framework for the album, the intentions were to create the most “band” album of their careers. The strategy was sound, as so many of Th ...

  • REVIEW: Above & Beyond at Echostage

    The mantra of English progressive trance group Above & Beyond is “Life is made of small moments like these.” And if the crowd’s reaction at Echostage on Friday meant anything, it was that thousands of these small moments were made.   The Friday show was the band’s second night at the Washington venue on its We Are All We Need tour. Playing to a sold-out audience, there was an overwhelming air of love in the room, a trademark of an Above & Beyond show.   The London-based group of DJs is comprised of Jono Grant, Tony McGuinness and Paavo Siljamäki, though only Grant and McGuinness made it to the performance. Known for its highly emotive songs, the group is touring for the release of its fifth studio album, We Are All We Need, which was released after their highly successful albums, 2011’s Group Therapy and 2014’s Acoustic, in which they performed acoustic versions of their club songs with a full orchestra. Taking to the stage backlit with the group’s name shortly after 12:30 a.m., Grant and McGuinness waved to the crowd and took their place behind the dec ...

  • The Wolfpack Strikes WebsterHall a flame with Brite Nights

    Just saying the name "Webster Hall NYC" rings a sound synonymous, with memories of epic events, and nights you'll just never forget. And when you put the name " Wolfgang Gartner " on the bill for headlining dj, now you're just asking for a night of the WOLFPACKS to come out, and its going to be HUGE! Webster hall, with its MASSIVE doors, large groups of club-goers, and colossal productions that take place both in the day, and at night, needs no introduction, no telling of its back story, and this is the place that people come to enjoy their nights from around the globe, and tonight was exactly that, but before we get into the man in command for the evening, lets tell you first about the warm-up guy. 1st Comes The Bear:Now for those who made it to the club, you all know the main-floor didn't open until midnight. So with that, everyone had to remain in the common EDM, and HIP HOP floor, and this filled up pretty quickly, but it was apparent these people were not here to listen to decade old Biggie Smalls songs. They were all still wearing their jackets, and hanging mainly at the ...

  • Album Review: Hardwell - United We Are

    So tonight we get our hands on United We Are by Hardwell, the full album release. Brace yourselves Hardwell Fans because we are about to lose you. First of all, id like to ask you to LIKE us on Facebook using the button on the top right or via this link www.Facebook.com/antifmradio Eclipse - Its just an intro sound of a track. But its exactly what i dont like about (radio version) songs especially when it comes to Trance Music. its compressed, sped up and everything is just rushed.This goes for the same for the followup track "Follow Me" with the vocals done by Jason Derulo (Really? Derulo? am i reading this right?)Doesn't he have 4 sisters on some reality TV show right now? And hows that going? seems about as scripted as these two songs on the album so far. So let me move off them as quickly as they played through (both songs being about  3:20 each) Sally - Sorry but WHAT THE FAWK is this Shiat?! IF i were Joel Zimmerman---... NOPE!...forget that. I'm Eric Robinson, and i appreciate a LARGE spanning format and genres of music and this....? this is ... i don't know.... ...

  • Armin van Buuren adds another Australian event to the ASOT 700 tour

    On February 6 and 7, Armin van Buuren will bring his legendary ASOT radio show to town for two big shows. In both Sydney and Melbourne, A State of Trance will be making history by kicking the annual ASOT tour off with a celebration weekend – filled with two one day festivals – instead of the usual celebration tour. But just to make things even bigger, Armin’s gone and added another Australian date to the schedule. On Thursday February 5, trance’s leading man will be hosting an official event where the 700th episode of A State of Trance will be recorded and, yes, you can be there. Taking place at Luna Park’s Grand Ballroom in Sydney, attendees will be treated to a two-hour set from Armin himself, with more special guests set to join van Buuren throughout the party. Tickets to the new Sydney show are on sale now for $149.95 a pop and with the Melbourne festival show already sold out, we don’t need to tell you to get yours fast. There’s extra good news for fans who already have tickets to the first Sydney show, with organisers adding a second stage to the event due to ticket demand ...

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