Antifmradio is always looking to add not only to its content but also to its "Staff" as we so like to loosely put it. This website is large in its content and it takes a lot to keep all of that content new and fresh. We do appreciate everyone's talent and hope you find something in this list that appeals to yours. If you do, please dont hesitate to contact us about getting involved on helping this site build MORE of its content quickly. Lets get to it. Take a look at the short list below, and beneath that is a full description of each one. Some of the positions are voluntary while others, get you free stuff (including admissions into events) So take some time to read this over. Its not long and you can always use the CONTACT US link to find out more of anything you are interested in. Along with this we are soon to start adding small advertising banners around the site without being too intrusive or from taking away from our direction and content focus. The only advertisements you'd see on our pages are that of the same genre of this website, all be it about music, events, products in the same industry, or even about the people themselves who helpĀ  push this music industry forward.

  • Music Review Writers
  • Music Industry News Writers
  • Event Writers
  • Mix Show Djs
  • A&R Music Scouts
  • Dj Submission Reviewers
  • Guest List Hosts
  • Advertising

Music Review Writers:
(Get free music)
We get TONS of music each week and we add it to our streaming system. We also like to keep it listed in our music catelog. Its one of the largest areas on the website and with the help of others, it can grow daily. When you go to our playlist for anything that we have in the system, you can click the INFO button and up pops a window showing you details of the audio, label, etc. This info is hand written and we like to have more help with that. This is simple.
We will give you SPECIAL access to an area of the site, where you can basically "fill in the blanks" for such info but obviously, you'd need to HEAR the music, right? That's the fun part. We will send you a folder full of music and you take a week to listen to each song and leave a review on each. But most importantly you get to KEEP The music you review.

Music Industry News Writers

Become one of our bloggers and help us get some great articles written for this site. We already have plenty in here but with so much going on, with artists that we follow, including our own local djs, venues, music releases, and even dj technology, there is MUCH to talk about! We need YOUR help with that. If you have what it takes to be a good blogger, have a talent with words, and can toss in a good joke, and good writing skills, let us know. Let see where you fit in.

Event Writers

most times these articles are written by the promoters hosting the events but that can be very biased so how about YOU get into any event for free, take pics for the night, meet some new friends, and come back with a solid article to leave for the world to see? Its not YOUR event so the article, would be honest, which is what we are looking for.

Mix Show Djs

We have timeslots throughout the week where we liike to fill in djs who can do a LIVE STREAMING show. A good 1hour or 2 hour slot is what we are looking to fill on a weekly schedule for each person. There are regulations to follow. You cant just show up and not come around again til the next show and we WILL NOT broadcast your RECORDING for you weekly. This is a LIVE SHOW from your location (bedroom, friends house, patio, club, venue, etc) and we can help you get it worked out. See the info here and contact us today about it. Because the link might change from time to time, just follow this path in our menu:
Go To our FORUM > Look under FAQ / HELP for "BECOME A DJ WITH US"
but here is the current link http://www.antifmradio.com/j2/forum/become-a-dj-with-us

A&R Music Scouts

We dont like pulling music from the TOP TEN listings of any chart. We like getting it direct from labels, artists, and even unknown producers. It doesn't take much to find them but there's more to it then just scanning the net and downloading it. We would also like for YOU "the A&R man / girl / other?" to also stay in touch with each artist you come across. Its like building your own clientele. See?, its a bit more than just finding the music. Let us know what you think or, if you have any ideas to help this along.

Dj Submission Reviewers
We get mix submissions from djs on a regular basis. Sometimes we get them in abundance, and in those momentsĀ 

We know how busy your life is and we dont like to be bombarded with AD's just like you. In fact, Antifmradio has NEVER in its running time since 2005, ever used advertising banners on its pages, however now, in 2015 we are going to start.......but with a twist.....
Each time you go to a website, you see ads for things irrelevant to what you are there for and you're FORCED to leave your precious website to get to its information.....well......we dont want that. So lets do something different. What we will advertise on this site is ONLY the same genre music related items, products, djs, including out OWN djs and their live shows or special mixes. Also, the banners you see and click on WILL NOT lead you away from this site. Any banner displayed will link you to a page INSIDE of Antifmradio.com which goes into details about said advertisement. From that point you can decide if you want to leap off our pages for more, or not. Finally, you get to make the final choice with no surprises.

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