Hard Dance Chooons!

Kutski serves up 2 hours of the best hard dance & hardcore and The Hardest Record In The World right now (which this week is mighty hard!)

You can check out a video recorded at BCM during the set featuring Jules, Kutski, Darren Styles, Richard Durrant and Hixxy.

Shy Brothers – ‘DMF’ (Musical Maddness)

UK Hard Dance Mix
Organ Donors – ‘Locked Trance (K90 Remix)’ (Nukleuz)
Vandal – ‘Nu Rave Pt.1’ (Trancewarez)
BRK3 & Phil York – ‘Traffic’ (CD-R)
Klubfiller – ‘Hard Disco (Rock n Roller Remix)’ (Defiance)
Nathalie & Technical – ‘Hoovergasm’ (AWsum)

Riot Gear EP – ‘Mayday’ (Riot!)
Sturdy Kitz – ‘Salvation’ (Nu Funk)
Tidy Allstars – ‘Get Up, Stand Up (Neal Thomas Remix)’ (Tidy)

Kutski’s Freerange Mix
Sunshine Productions – ‘Just A Melody’ (JAL)
Sunshine Productions – ‘Above The Clouds (Vibes & Wishdokta Remix)’ (JAL)
Love Nation – ‘Love’ (JAL)
Billy Daniel Bunter & JDS – ‘Let It Lift You’ (JAL)
Musical Foundation – ‘Love Nation’ (JAL)
DJ Slam – ‘Influence’ (JAL)
DNA Meets Dougal – ‘Reality (Justin Time Remix)’ (JAL)
Highlife – ‘Good Times’ (JAL)
Ham, Demo & Justin Time – ‘Here I Am’ (JAL)
Ham, Demo & Justin Time – ‘The Big Spill (Slipmatt Remix)’ (JAL)
Tripple J – ‘Wonderful World (DJ Brisk Remix)’ (JAL)

Kutski’s Euro Mix
Ruthless & Frontliner – ‘Two Worldz’ (Scantraxx)
Brennan Heart – ‘City Of Intensity’ (Scantraxx)
Dark Oscillators – ‘Food For Woofers (Ivan Carsten Remix)’ (BLQ)
Technoboy – ‘4 Days’ (Saifam)
Noisecontrollers – ‘Attack Again’ (Fusion)

Spit – ‘My House’ (CD-R)

The Hardest Record In The World Right Now
Shaded Bass – ‘Jokers Cheese’ (CD-R)

Kutski’s Uk Hardcore Mix
Al Storm vs Hardforze – ‘Don’t Go Breaking My Heart’ (CD-R)
Darwin – ‘Fly Away Now’ (CD-R)
Joey Riot – ‘Boiling Point’ (Lethal Theory)
Al Storm – ‘Jumpin’ (24/7)
Marc Smith – ‘Can You Feel It’ (Notorious)

Kutski’s Rave/Breaks Mash Up
The Flashback Project – ‘Blaze The Fire’ (CD-R)
Syntronics feat. Barbi Castelvi – ‘Flip It Out’ (Intellegenix)
Shimamura – ‘Hold You Now’ (Dynasty)

Praga Khan & Jade 4U – ‘Injected With A Poison’ (Profile)

{reg} Kutski (29.08.2009)-1.mp3

Kutski (29.08.2009)-2.mp3


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