Things are not always what they seem and everything started that you see today, most likely came from something else. Antifmradio.com as a whole is no exception to that. As a matter of fact, Antifmradio didnt even start out as a company or website under that name. It started from an idea that was called "Club EXL" It was a tiny little dot on the map of nightclub, nightlife, and dj mix websites with venue guests lists and contacts to much of what drives the nightlife industry. IT was started by just some regular guy that liked going out to clubs just like anyone else. Taking pics and passing out business cards while making and meeting new friends the entire night. Tens of Hundreds of pics still remain in our archives. With so many connections being made and the events we put together gaining so much in popularity as a nightlife webstite, the one thing we DIDNT have enough of on the website were "DJs"

With around 8 thousand people a day visiting our pages, and with all the info presented in the website, we actually didnt have enough ROOM for the djs info without them getting diluted and drowned by the main content of the site. And we really wanted to give them a good presentation to our members. WIth that, we had to break up some time and create a new website. It took about 1 and 1/2 years of work to get the first public style of the site into the view of everyone. Meaning we didnt want to release it until we felt it was properly functioning. The contacts, djs, members, and music, we already had but in the old website, we just didnt have the visual space. Then in June of 2005 "Antifmradio.com came on the map" and it was honestly quiet around here for a little while. We were getting worried, but the, we threw a house party in Brooklyn for New Years Eve. But most importantly, we were the only ones who to date, and been able to successfully BROADCAST from a live house party with LOCAL ONLY djs the entire night! Honestly i think thats was put us mostly on the map.

After this date we attracted more local djs and began the RULES in our roster to keep things in order. And Antifmradio has been broadcasting 24-7 ever since.

There is quite alot more to this story so ill just update this article every once in a while.

Thanks for asking.........

Eric Robinson (Dj Liqid Touch)

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