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Post a comment about what you think below. Would be nice to hear from some of you regarding whats going on around here

Actually i want to tell you about the Events List. This is different from the Bulletin Board.

The Events List is something inside your profile specifically.

Its one of your Apps and you can turn it ON or OFF.

To do this just goto your applications " scroll over applications...My Applications.... Look for Bulletins and REMOVE IT if you want to turn it off."

What exactly is it for?

Well you could have some major news you want to share with your network right? (Your network would be your friends)

Thats where you do it.

Whats the Events List for then......?

Simple.... its for Site Wide Events taking place.

In there you'll find events posted by Many people of the site, not just your friends.

I needed to break them up into two different styles so it doesnt get HAMMERED like the old myspace one did.

Over there you would post a bulletin, and not 5 minutes later... it would be found on like page 17.... Lame

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