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Ok so the news is so exciting we just had to leak it out before it was even complete!.

You know its Spring time here in the USA when the WMC and UMF is over, and the downloads start to appear.

We are currently adding the Ultra Music Festival 2012 Live show recording downloads to the station

and to our download blog so not only you can hear them on re-broadcast during the day, night, weekend, whenever.

You can also download them for yourself and play them back whenever, where ever you want to.

We just put up a few of them and over the next few days, more will appear so make sure you check back on the site daily for them.

The Blog link is

but you can get it easy, under the DOWNLOADS button in our main menu anytime.

Feel free to use the link below in this email, to comment on this topic.

Thanks everyone and one more thing. Around here, we like it when you share the music so please do, pass this email on

to anyone else you know, that would be interested.


Liqid Touch

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