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mordgamupe1982 created new blog post Kiedy Schudnąć? in Music Industry News yesterday

Drastyczna Dieta Zbliża się kolejny, bardzo ciekawie się zapowiadający, szczyt internetowy. Jestem za prewencją i dbaniem zdrowie ale jestem przeciwny takiemu niepełnemu podejściu do bardzo istotnej sprawy. Kolekcja zdjęć na stronach amerykańskiej ...

beccy created a new group 2 days ago

Soweit weg seit Silvester.

Nur 300 gramm vom wirklich toll für nachher wo ich mir ich meine erste innerlich auf die erste mal gespannt, wie – wie im Suff immer Schwerste, das...

Download all the live recordings here Enter the World of Tomorrow, in a realm hidden from civilization, deep within the forests of Chattahoochee Hills, Discover TomorrowWorld! Let yourself be amazed and experience hundreds of DJs, luxury c ...

Download Armin Van Buuren – Live @ TomorrowWorld 2015 (Atlanta) – 27-09-2015Enter the World of Tomorrow, in a realm hidden from civilization, deep within the forests of Chattahoochee Hills, Discover TomorrowWorld! Let yourself be amazed an ...

DjLiqidTouch - updated event, TomorrowWorld 2015 3 weeks ago
DjLiqidTouch added a new event 3 weeks ago

TomorrowWorld 2015

Enter the World of Tomorrow, in a realm hidden from...

  • Friday, 25 September 2015 12:00 PM
  • Chattahoochee Hills, Georgia
DjLiqidTouch created a new topic ' Uber and Snapchat love electronic music festivals' in the forum. 4 weeks ago

So i just dropped this article into the mix.
I wanted to to know what you thought about this.

Companies used to be wary of sponsoring electronic dance music events; after all, the DJ-created genre (dubbed EDM) is often associated with warehouse raves and drugs—and attendees have recently died....
Read the full story here


Companies used to be wary of sponsoring electronic dance music events; after all, the DJ-created genre (dubbed EDM) is often associated with warehouse raves and drugs—and attendees have recently died. But at the Electric Zoo music festival that to ...

Tablets like the iPad have transformed how people make music with computers, but touchscreens and on-screen keyboards can only take you so far; musicians will tell you there's nothing quite like the feedback you get from a physical keyboard, even ...

Pioneer has released a new video introducing its DJM-S9 two-channel mixer for Serato DJ, which is designed to allow DJs to fully personalise their sound. The new mixer delivers plug-and-play integration with Serato DJ’s four decks and o ...

Novation has teamed up with record label Ninja Tune to launch a new series artist sound packs on the firm’s Launchpad iOS app for iPhone and iPad. The aim of the collaboration is to allow millions of iPad and iPhone u ...

DjLiqidTouch created a new topic '​living/Things-Happy-' in the forum. 1 month ago

This is a pretty cool list

Which one do you find yourself doing most?

Life isn't always a walk in the park. So how do happy people get through a rough day? These tips are small things that happy people do to make life just a little bit better, and now you can too. Just remember: a smile is contagious, so don't forget to show off your pearly whites any chance you get.
1. They Turn Mistakes Into Lessons

As much as we try to strive for perfection, mistakes are an inevitable part of life. While it's easy to beat yourself up when a new job just isn't working out or a relationship falls apart, focusing on learning from what went wrong will help you turn a mistake into something productive. When something goes wrong, consider it an opportunity to grow and become an even better version of yourself.
2. They Go Offline

Obsessing over social media sites is a bad habit that we all have, but looking at pictures of other people's amazing vacations and delicious desserts isn't doing anything for you. Make a pact with yourself to unplug every day — you can read a book, call a friend, or even just choose to paint your nails — but just signing off allows you to live your life instead of watching other people live theirs.
3. They Don't Sweat the Small Stuff

Bad days happen. You spill coffee down your shirt running out the door, you accidentally overdraft a card. . . . There are plenty of instances where anger, disappointment, and anxiety are totally reasonable reactions, but they don't have to be your final reactions. Learning to let go of the little things you can't control will allow you to focus better on the positive aspects of life. While those small things totally suck, there's something great around the corner that is more worthy of your time and energy.
4. They Plan Getaways

Even if you can't afford a cross-continent trip, there are plenty of budget-friendly ways to get out there and see the world. Experiencing a new culture or food or a change in scenery is a great way to bring a little extra happiness into your life. Whether you book a trip alone or with a buddy, traveling helps you to create memories that you will never forget.
5. They Say Thank You

Saying thank you is an easy way to pay it forward and make everyone's day a little brighter. During a busy day, take a second to stop and be grateful for the small stuff. It may not come naturally, but in the long run, it really will increase your happiness. Whether it's a friendly checkout person at the drugstore or a co-worker who holds the elevator so you can jump in, there are plenty of opportunities to stop and appreciate the little things.
6. They Give Themselves a Break

Putting in long hours at the office is draining, but there's a little trick that will help you to be both happier and more productive: take a break. Even if you bring your own lunch, step out for a brisk walk around the block. Getting your body moving and taking your eyes off your screen will help you come back after just five minutes, feeling refreshed and ready to tackle whatever project is up next on the agenda.
7. They Turn a To-Do List Into a Game

Doing chores is not usually considered fun, but there are ways to transform busywork into something more exciting. The next time you need to tackle a bedroom cleanup, set a phone timer for 10 minutes and race against the clock to accomplish as much as you can while time ticks away. Ten minutes will be over before you know it, and in your haste to beat the clock, you'll find that a daunting task has disappeared before your eyes.
8. They Build Relationships

Maintaining friendships is an important part of leading a happy and full life. Whether you have a few close friends or a big social circle, keeping in contact and having a buddy to cheer you up can make a huge difference.
9. They Don't Blame the Past

Instead of dwelling on the things that went wrong in your past, make your time more meaningful by looking to the future. When you stay positive and think about the things you can accomplish, you're able to find peace with the things that may not have gone your way before.
10. They Fake It Till They Make It

Some days just start off bad, and from the moment you wake up, you really just want an excuse to stay under the covers. When you have no choice but to get up and face the day, try faking a smile through your morning routine.
11. They Take Chances

Instead of waiting for opportunities to fall into your lap, take control. Putting yourself out there can feel like a challenge, but once you take a risk, whether it's searching for a new job or asking a friend out on a date, you will be rewarded.
12. They Get Their Beauty Rest

Catching a few extra hours of ZZZ's can make a big difference. When you're feeling groggy or under the weather, it's hard to put your best foot forward. While you definitely shouldn't sacrifice your plans just to hit the hay, make sure you make time to catch up on your sleep.
13. They Get Moving

While a marathon may not be on the horizon, physical activity is an important part of leading a happier life. Working out releases endorphins and help you banish a blah mood for good.
14. They Are Honest

They say "honesty is the best policy," and when it comes to health and happiness, this couldn't be more true. Lies cause stress and anxiety, and life is too short not to live authentically.
15. They Don't Compare Themselves to Others

Everyone has their own path in life, and when you start to compare yours to others', you take focus away from personal progress. While jealousy can be hard to beat, learning to let go of how you stack up to others will ultimately help you to focus on your own successes.


Planning a dance music festival is a lot like sequencing a dance music set: You need to build to the drop, expanding on the crowd’s anticipation before delivering the moments that will send them into a frenzy. Insomniac knows that as well as anyon ...

Zac Efron's EDM movie We Are Your Friends opened to one of the worst box office records in history over the weekend.Now it seems its portrayal of EDM culture isn't translating very well either, with superstar DJ Deadmau5 saying that the mo ...

A Message from our friend, Dan 'Goosiest' Gussack:'m so excited to be given the opportunity to open for Super8 & Tab once again at the legendary

InokiDeep brings 16 Bit Lolitas to NYC for a unique outdoor summertime event, supported by FRISKY. If you’re not sure what to do in NYC this weekend, INOKI:Deep has got something special for you. A full day o ...

DjLiqidTouch added a new event 2 months ago

Inoki:Deep w/16Bit Lolitas (Anjunadeep)

InokiDeep brings 16 Bit Lolitas to NYC for a unique...

  • Saturday, 29 August 2015 01:00 PM
  • 78 South Street New York

Despite Avicii and David Guetta headlining, there were still enough acts for those who remember when R&B music had a melody Videos of gatecrashers storming Wireless and Nicki Minaj turning up late to her set overshadowed this ...

so . my first encounter with Starbucks.....and trust me, it's my last. and all I can say in the end is, "I think you're a bunch of fools for going to... Show more

DjLiqidTouch shared a photo. 4 months ago

Got this from my friend Kayt Supple. Very "Steam Punk' look I believe its her first outfit for #EDC Las Vegas 2015. In her own words:
Show more

I have a couple. Im going to bring my own but the $5 and $10 price in the description is cheaper then buyin at the store so go ahead and donate to... Show more

DjLiqidTouch is attending Lightsaber Battle NYC 2015.

DjLiqidTouch has changed the cover of the event, Lightsaber Battle NYC 2015 4 months ago
DjLiqidTouch added a new event 4 months ago

Lightsaber Battle NYC 2015

Photo by Dave Bledsoe, FreeVerse Photography Lightsaber...

  • Saturday, 15 August 2015 09:00 PM
  • Washington Square, 2 5th Ave, New York, NY 10011, USA
DjLiqidTouch added a video. 4 months ago

Stuck indoors from the rain so im watching this. 15mins in and its dam good Rain has been going on over 12 hours and looks like its gonna cotinue... Show more


I's it just me or does anyone else find it ironic that the earth spins at 1000mph?

The irony being it's a nice round number

Ma Faiza is one of the best known electronic dance music artiste in India today. She had a rather modest beginning in Goa but has performed in almost all the major stages and parties world over. She calls herself the 'Mother of Electroni ...

Rain and wind were not enough to deter concertgoers in Atlantic City early Saturday afternoon as people walked onto the beach for BeachGlow Music Festival before it shut down due to inclement weather. Heather Kunkel, BeachGlow executive vice presi ...

DjLiqidTouch has changed the cover of the group, Trance Music United 4 months ago
DjLiqidTouch created a new group 4 months ago

Trance Music United

1. Enjoy (We are here for the love of trance)2. Limit self promo (No page links)3. Please report spam/advertising4. Spammers will be banned...
DjLiqidTouch created new blog post Sport Boy 030- 94082778 in The Store 4 months ago

b2ap3_thumbnail_sports_boy.jpg  The Antifmradio "Sport-Boy" 3/4 length Sleeve T-Shirt. Right for an ...

DjLiqidTouch has changed the cover of the event, The Hardfloor Radio Show 4 months ago
DjLiqidTouch - updated event, The Hardfloor Radio Show 4 months ago
DjLiqidTouch added a new event 4 months ago

The Hardfloor Radio Show

Dropping back into a short stretch of some vocal trance...

  • Sunday, 07 June 2015 04:00 PM
  • New York, New York
DjLiqidTouch created new blog post On Demand streaming Dj Mixes in Website News 5 months ago

Not long ago many hand held devices came along and many of you noticed you could no longer play your favorite mixes from websites in an ON DEMAND feature. You wanted to listen to any dj, any time, rewind, forward, pause and pick up from where you ...

This is something we have been perfecting for a short while now. We tested it out on previous builds of the website but were never really happy with the integration. As of yesterday we have completed the full integration of the eve ...

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