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Zac Efron's EDM movie We Are Your Friends opened to one of the worst box office records in history over the weekend.Now it seems its portrayal of EDM culture isn't translating very well either, with superstar DJ Deadmau5 saying that the mo ...

A Message from our friend, Dan 'Goosiest' Gussack:'m so excited to be given the opportunity to open for Super8 & Tab once again at the legendary

InokiDeep brings 16 Bit Lolitas to NYC for a unique outdoor summertime event, supported by FRISKY. If you’re not sure what to do in NYC this weekend, INOKI:Deep has got something special for you. A full day o ...

DjLiqidTouch added a new event 1 week ago

Inoki:Deep w/16Bit Lolitas (Anjunadeep)

InokiDeep brings 16 Bit Lolitas to NYC for a unique...

  • Saturday, 29 August 2015 01:00 PM
  • 78 South Street New York

Despite Avicii and David Guetta headlining, there were still enough acts for those who remember when R&B music had a melody Videos of gatecrashers storming Wireless and Nicki Minaj turning up late to her set overshadowed this ...

so . my first encounter with Starbucks.....and trust me, it's my last. and all I can say in the end is, "I think you're a bunch of fools for going to... Show more

DjLiqidTouch shared a photo. 2 months ago

Got this from my friend Kayt Supple. Very "Steam Punk' look I believe its her first outfit for #EDC Las Vegas 2015. In her own words:
Show more

I have a couple. Im going to bring my own but the $5 and $10 price in the description is cheaper then buyin at the store so go ahead and donate to... Show more

DjLiqidTouch is attending Lightsaber Battle NYC 2015.

DjLiqidTouch has changed the cover of the event, Lightsaber Battle NYC 2015 2 months ago
DjLiqidTouch added a new event 2 months ago

Lightsaber Battle NYC 2015

Photo by Dave Bledsoe, FreeVerse Photography Lightsaber...

  • Saturday, 15 August 2015 09:00 PM
  • Washington Square, 2 5th Ave, New York, NY 10011, USA
DjLiqidTouch added a video. 2 months ago

Stuck indoors from the rain so im watching this. 15mins in and its dam good Rain has been going on over 12 hours and looks like its gonna cotinue... Show more


I's it just me or does anyone else find it ironic that the earth spins at 1000mph?

The irony being it's a nice round number

Ma Faiza is one of the best known electronic dance music artiste in India today. She had a rather modest beginning in Goa but has performed in almost all the major stages and parties world over. She calls herself the 'Mother of Electroni ...

Rain and wind were not enough to deter concertgoers in Atlantic City early Saturday afternoon as people walked onto the beach for BeachGlow Music Festival before it shut down due to inclement weather. Heather Kunkel, BeachGlow executive vice presi ...

DjLiqidTouch has changed the cover of the group, Trance Music United 2 months ago
DjLiqidTouch created a new group 2 months ago

Trance Music United

1. Enjoy (We are here for the love of trance)2. Limit self promo (No page links)3. Please report spam/advertising4. Spammers will be banned...
DjLiqidTouch created new blog post Sport Boy 030- 94082778 in The Store 3 months ago

b2ap3_thumbnail_sports_boy.jpg  The Antifmradio "Sport-Boy" 3/4 length Sleeve T-Shirt. Right for an ...

DjLiqidTouch has changed the cover of the event, The Hardfloor Radio Show 3 months ago
DjLiqidTouch - updated event, The Hardfloor Radio Show 3 months ago
DjLiqidTouch added a new event 3 months ago

The Hardfloor Radio Show

Dropping back into a short stretch of some vocal trance...

  • Sunday, 07 June 2015 04:00 PM
  • New York, New York
DjLiqidTouch created new blog post On Demand streaming Dj Mixes in Website News 3 months ago

Not long ago many hand held devices came along and many of you noticed you could no longer play your favorite mixes from websites in an ON DEMAND feature. You wanted to listen to any dj, any time, rewind, forward, pause and pick up from where you ...

This is something we have been perfecting for a short while now. We tested it out on previous builds of the website but were never really happy with the integration. As of yesterday we have completed the full integration of the eve ...

Sony has decided to remove all of its music from SoundcloudBitch please. We know that by NEGOTIATIONS they mean they want more money.

Eric Robinson had a status update on Facebook 4 months ago

I should win because: I been using Sennheiser headphones headphones since 2006. I FINALLY broke mine down. Its the every day pair and the company no longer has the ear cups to replace. I was going to purchase a new pair but instead they messed up the order and sent me a replacement cup for a pair i dont have HAHAHA. Its getting harder to do my weekly radio show which promotes OTHER djs and producers, their music, and their appearances.

Following its partnership with Zefr, Soundcloud has been criticized for indiscriminately removing and taking down artists’ very own music from its platform. Just days after announcing the inclusion of Zefr’s aggressive recognition system, none oth ...

Griz went on a funk journey, and Detroit got its newest electronic music star. Six months after a milestone show at the Masonic, the Southfield-bred producer born Grant Kwiecinski will get the biggest hometown platform of his young career when he ...

DjLiqidTouch added a video. 4 months ago

Five Knives - Savages (Chus & Ceballos Club Mix...

Promotional Use Only Five Knives' official video for "Savages". Download "Savages" here: Connect with Five Knives:...

DjLiqidTouch has a new profile cover. 4 months ago
DjLiqidTouch yo need to like that pic. I mean come on, that is one slick ass mixer 4 months ago
DjLiqidTouch has changed the cover of the group, Soundcloud Users Group 4 months ago
DjLiqidTouch created a new group 4 months ago

Soundcloud Users Group

A Group for Sound cloud users. Share work but most importantly, listen to others. If you dont show them you are checking it out, theyll probaly...

Phoebe Ryan has certainly been making her way around the remix circuit recently, with one of her latest tracks, “Mine,” getting the remix treatment from Illenium and LYNOS.   This time around, her song “Dead” gets an officia ...

Glad to see new members here....still testing the system. Please disregard

Crossword puzzles are a particularly interesting bit of cultural ephemera. Not only are they clever as hell, they also reveal the values and trends of culture. There’s an understanding that these clues should be solvable for people who are well-ve ...

Laurent Garnier's 'Electrochoc', the seminal producer's book on the history of dance music, will be printed in English for the first time on July 2. The book was first published in French ...

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