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ODESZA rocking the crowd....again, and again
  In the midst of tribal beats and unceasing demand of music to move in sync with, their music never loses hints of wistfulness and mysticism. They make music that inspires all of us to dance, but the music also makes us dream and smile about losing ourselves to the great escape music and dance has always provided. For a few hours that Sunday, everyone at the Orpheum was spellbound into forgetting the chores of life. The classes, books, w...
NEW RELEASE: Phoebe Ryan - Dead (Louis Vivet Remix)

Phoebe Ryan has certainly been making her way around the remix circuit recently, with one of her latest tracks, “Mine,” getting the remix treatment from Illenium and LYNOS.

16 Bit Lolitas & INOKI:Deep take us behind the scenes of NYC & their next big show
InokiDeep brings 16 Bit Lolitas to NYC for a unique outdoor summertime event, supported by FRISKY. If you’re not sure what to do in NYC this weekend, INOKI:Deep has got something special for you. A full day of top quality underground electronic music, delivered by the always fantastic 16 Bit Lolitas and a stellar supporting cast of DJs, in a beautiful outdoor setting with city views and atmosphere unlike any other. The perfect way to end the Summ...
ROLI Seaboard RISE wants to update the MIDI keyboard for the 21st century
  When you play a note on a traditional keyboard, the sound decays rapidly. You could play the Seaboard like this if you wanted, but you can also modulate each sound in real-time using gestures. For instance, wiggling your finger on a note will trigger a vibrato effect, while sliding a finger along the smooth surface above the keys naturally triggers a sliding scale effect.  The sensor-loaded surface has raised bumps that ...
Martin Roth Makes His Way In
Each week at Antifmradio.com we receive and prepare a quality list of new dj mixes to air on the stream. Broadcasting around the world and into space, we make sure to gather up and supply you with the quality music you want to hear, weather you are out driving, cleaning, or on your way to another event but the same artists. Last week on the latest show with Above and Beyond, they announced their next appearance in Brooklyn at the Beacon Theater. ...
Tomorrow World 2015 Atlanta Downloads
  Hailing from Belgium, the mother festival of TomorrowWorld, Tomorrowland, celebrated its 10-year anniversary this past July. To mark this anniversary, two weekends played host to the sold out pilgrimage of over 360,000 International guests. The magic and inspiration of TomorrowWorld is crafted from Tomorrowland, where stages and concepts come to life, experiences are created, and musical explorations are made.&n...
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 The Antifmradio "Sport-Boy" 3/4 length Sleeve T-Shirt. Right for any time of year. I have two of these myself, and love wearing them. Fits like a Baseball T-Shirt, and keeps you warm enough to get your game on right. This shirt comes in a few styles but each one sheik for men. Black area on the arms and shoulders can always be ordered in RED or NAVY blue too. You can find it under the MENS SHIRTS area in the store today http://www.antifmradio.com/j2/the-store/mens-shirts


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